Program Pairing: Preserving Your Family History Through Photographs

Below you will find an upcoming program paired with related movies, documentaries, books, music, and more to help you gain a wider understanding of the topic before or after the program.  Explore further, deepen your discovery, and connect to learning! The Program: Preserving Your Family History Through Photographs, Thurs., Aug. 8, 7 pm, Willoughby Library Description: Taking and editing high-quality digital […]

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Gaming Update, Vol. 6

Greetings, gamers! This one is a long one, so strap in! We had some late arrivals in March, pretty much right after I had submitted last month’s post. Let’s start with those! Princess Peach Showtime for the Switch (Rated E 10+) was my most-anticipated arrival. I thought it looked fun, and it’s (obviously) rare for […]

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Anime Update, Vol. 7

Greetings, fellow otaku! April was an interesting month for our Tween & Teen Anime Awesomeness group. Our first session we watched Bamboo Blade. The premise is that older kendo instructor Kenzaburo challenges younger kendo instructor Toraji to a practice match between their two schools- if Toraji wins, he gets free meals from Kenzaburo’s father’s restaurant […]

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Gaming Update Vol. 5

Greetings, gamers! As usual, our libraries got some of the best games this month! Shadows Over Loathing (Rated T for Teen) is an interesting RPG done in a stick figure style (which has made me realize that, no, my artistic talents don’t even include stick figures because this game’s stick figures look WAY better than […]

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Willoughby Historical Society: An Inside Look

Willoughby Public Library patrons who have used the study rooms, shuffled through the CD collection, or made a trip to the drinking fountain probably noticed a closed door covered in posters related to historical preservation. This crucial gem is the Willoughby Historical Society’s Collection Room.  Founded in 1961, the main mission of the Willoughby Historical […]

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Anime Update, Vol. 6

Greetings, fellow otaku! Our Tween & Teen Anime Awesomeness group started off this month by watching Samurai Pizza Cats. It was… an experience. There were samurai cats and there was pizza. The anime was entertaining, but even for the teens that love more fast-paced shows, it was largely nearly nonsensical. Apparently, when the anime was […]

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2024 Storywalk Poetry Contest

Poets up to age 18 are encouraged to submit original poems and illustrations from March 1-30, 2024 to participate in Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library’s StoryWalk® Poetry Contest. Selected poems will be featured on our StoryWalks at Osborne Park in Willoughby and Manry Park in Willowick (coming this spring!) For more information including rules and guidelines, check […]

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Anime Update, Vol. 5

Greetings, fellow otaku! In February, the Teen & Tween Anime Awesomeness group watched the shows Poyopoyo and Usagi Drop (also known as Bunny Drop). Poyopoyo is, sadly, unavailable in any form in Clevnet. It was a cute and random anime, each episode only lasting 2-3 minutes total (including the opening and closing sequences). There are […]

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