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Exam Proctoring

Proctoring Guidelines


Students must give at least a working week (5 days) notice when wanting to take a test.

There is no guarantee what staff member will be available to proctor tests. All staff that meet the school’s requirements are eligible to proctor and will be assigned proctoring duties as needed.

If a student arranges to take a test and then fails to appear the student must wait an additional 72 hours (3 days) before the test can be taken (for scheduling purposes).

The library and library staff are not responsible for lost, stolen misdirected or the delayed delivery of tests.

Repeated abuse of the guidelines (for example: scheduling test and then never showing up) will result in the student being informed that the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library cannot proctor tests for them and will be referred to another area library for assistance.

Staffing issues preclude library staff from contacting the student to remind them that they have arranged to take a test.

Forms & Fees

Students must pay for all postage and faxing fees associated with returning the test or tests to the school. They will only be charged a mailing fee if a self addressed stamped envelope is not provided.

Students need to fill out the attached form (see bottom) at the time they contact us to arrange for testing. In the case the student calls the staff member taking the call can fill out the form.

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