Program Pairings: The Mounds Club, The Mob and The Great Lake County Robbery

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Program: The Mounds Club, the Mob, and the Great Lake County Robbery, May 29, 6:30 pm, Willoughby Hills Library
Description: Just follow the money to learn the full story behind Tommy McGinty’s Mounds Club, the 1947 robbery, and the mob connections in Lake & Geauga counties (1927-1952). Click here to register.

The Mounds Club hosted entertainers like Lena Horne and Sophie Tucker.

Album cover for Lena Horne Sings

You can stream Lena Horne’s Music and watch her on screen via Hoopla

Cover for documentary The Outrageous Sophie Tucker

You can also watch the documentary The Outrageous Sophie Tucker on Hoopla.

Cover image for History Channel show The Real History of Secret Societies

Is the Mafia a secret society? Learn more from this History Channel series, The Real History of Secret Societies, availale to stream on Kanopy.

Cover image of Shooting the Mafia documentary

Also on Kanopy, the fascinating Shooting the Mafia, a documentary about Letizia Battaglia, whose passions led her to abandon traditional family life and become a photojournalist in the 1970s—the first female photographer to be employed by an Italian daily newspaper—Battaglia found herself on the front lines during one of the bloodiest chapters in Italy’s recent history. She fearlessly and artfully captured everyday Sicilian life—from weddings and funerals to the grisly murders of ordinary citizens—to tell the narrative of how the community she loved in her native Palermo was forced into silence by the Cosa Nostra. Weaving together Battaglia’s striking black-and-white photographs, rare archival footage, classic Italian films, and the now 84-year-old’s own memories, SHOOTING THE MAFIA paints a portrait of a remarkable woman whose bravery and defiance helped expose the Mafia’s brutal crimes.

Cover image of the movie A Bronx Tale

Here’s another great Kanopy title: The 30th Anniversary Edition of A Bronx Tale, starring Robert De Niro and Chazz Palminteri.

Cover of the book Kill the Irishman by Rick Porrello

No talk of Cleveland-area mafia history is complete without mentioning local author Rick Porrello. His book Kill the Irishman was made into a movie.

You can read the eBook on Hoopla

Physical Book

Borrow the DVD

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