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An update on the Clevnet App (11/30/2023):
A vendor disagreement has rendered the app inoperable.
An immediate solution that one of the vendors is working on is to enable mobile searching of the catalog via our website, which allows many of the core search features of the mobile app to be available on your mobile devices. You can use this URL for that:

The company that owns the app is developing a new, next-generation app for the library. While it is not yet available for general use, they anticipate it will be ready in the next few months.

We regret any inconvenience this has caused you. We had no way of anticipating this situation, and we hope you’ll be understanding as we work through this difficult, interim period.

Notable Features:

  • Search the collection, place holds and manage “My Account”
  • Physical and Emedia titles available in searches and My Account.
  • Linked Accounts – manage account information for a family member
  • Nearest Libraries feature – find directions and contact information for the nearest library
  • Display a virtual library card for primary account and linked accounts
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