Gaming Update Vol. 5

Greetings, gamers! As usual, our libraries got some of the best games this month! Shadows Over Loathing (Rated T for Teen) is an interesting RPG done in a stick figure style (which has made me realize that, no, my artistic talents don’t even include stick figures because this game’s stick figures look WAY better than […]

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Which doorways do you pick?

We’re All Adults Here Book Recommendations & Other Musings by Carol Tuttle  Which doorways do you pick? Last month I had the rewarding experience of learning about personal doorways into a book from Nancy Pearl, the famous Seattle librarian (have you seen the Librarian action figure? That’s her!). She is an expert in matching books with readers, and […]

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Keeping up with the Web

Keeping up with the Web by Melanie Wilson For the last year, the Willoughy-Eastlake Public Library has been participating in the Mozilla Foundation’s Web Literacy pilot funded by an IMLS grant. Mozilla is the free-software company behind the Firefox web browser. The goal of the grant has been to strengthen the web literacy skills of […]

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We’re All Adults Here: November Edition

We’re All Adults Here Book Recommendations & Other Musings by Carol Tuttle  Have you noticed a trending sub-genre in books and film over the last couple of years? I call it the “The Women behind the Scenes” theme. Currently, three titles are trending: Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women by Kate Moore;  The Woman Who Smashed […]

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Recommendation: Reincarnation Blues

Reincarnation Blues Book Recommendation by John Kleinbaum I don’t usually read fantasy novels but was drawn to the cover of Reincarnation Blues by the neon art and by my own perennial interest in coming back again as something different. I have also suspected that there might be some blues involved. A few pages in and […]

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Practical Privacy Practices

Privacy Matters: 5 Steps to Protect Your Data in the Digital Age Privacy is not about hiding – it is about autonomy, power and control; it is about your ability to decide how you present yourself to the world. –Me & My Shadow As we use more and more web services, it is important to […]

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