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We have two LEGO Clubs every month, one at Eastlake Library and the other at Willowick Library.

The next Eastlake Lego Club is Sat., June 15, 10 am – noon.

The next Willowick Lego Club is Sat., June 15, 1:30 – 3 pm.

Documentaries on Kanopy

Kanopy is an amazing, free way to stream quality movies, documentaries, and shows. Here are a few LEGO-related titles:

Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary

Description: This playful documentary explores how LEGO bricks went from kids’ toys to a global phenomenon beloved by collectors, artists, innovators and builders of all ages.

Also available on Hoopla DVD/Blu-Ray

Inside LEGO at Christmas

Description: The notoriously secretive, family-owned superbrand LEGO opens its doors in the Christmas holiday spirit. The program goes behind-the-scenes to see how staff gear up for the festive period with supersized Christmas builds, multiple product launches, and robust marketing campaigns designed to ensure that the company maintains its dominance in a highly-competitive toy marketplace. Kids will love it!

A Big LEGO Christmas

Description: The international team prepares for the biggest LEGO Christmas ever! Head to London for the opening of the world’s biggest LEGO store and visit the famous LEGO headquarters in Denmark.

Young readers grades 2 – 4 will enjoy this book from the Brands We Know series.

Description: The name “LEGO” comes from the Danish phrase for “play well.” The company’s popular toys have helped children to do just that. This title for inventive readers explores how a Danish family built up their small business brick by brick to create the world’s third-largest toy company.

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LEGOs are for big kids (ie, adults), too, and this book, LEGO In Focus, looks really cool.

Description: A vibrant and adventurous LEGO® photography book that sees the world in LEGO bricks and minifigures.

“LEGO® In Focus” celebrates the boundless creativity of LEGO play through stunning brick and minifigure photography. Look through the lens of 50 toy photographers as they imagine the world from a LEGO point of view.

This distinctive collection from creators across the globe explores minifigure-sized perspectives on nature, urban life, travel and adventure, and much more.

From diving into the ocean’s depths and seeking shelter in a snowstorm, to dancing at a washing machine disco and enjoying ice cream on a summer day, each image offers surprises and hidden humor, while sharpening our focus to the magic of play. Detailed captions and behind-the-scenes progress images take us deeper into the bricks and elements that connect us. “LEGO® In Focus” is the perfect experiential, imaginative photography book for LEGO builders and dreamers alike.

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Everything is awesome: a search-and-find celebration of LEGO® history (Ages 6 – 8)

Description: Find hidden toys, pirates, ghosts and more in fantastic scenes based on classic LEGO® playsets. This full-color hardcover activity book will entertain LEGO® fans ages 6 to 8 as they pour over the highly detailed scenes! With its focus on the iconic toy’s history, this book will make a great gift for LEGO® fans and collectors of all ages.

LEGO Heroes

Description: LEGO® Heroes is a collection of twelve remarkable stories featuring everyday heroes using the LEGO® system in innovative ways to solve global challenges.

Meet twelve visionary builders from around the globe who have turned LEGO® play into life-altering innovations through immense curiosity, creativity, passion, and a handful of LEGO bricks. From a wheelchair for an injured turtle to customized prosthetic arms to lab research for coral reef preservation, each chapter showcases individuals of all ages and backgrounds who have applied the LEGO System in Play to solve some of life’s greatest challenges in the fields of technology, sustainability, education, and more. With inspiring messages of imagination and problem-solving through play, readers will be moved by this heartwarming celebration of people who are changing the world… one brick at a time.

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