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The Program: Adventures in French Art, Mon., July 1, 6:30 – 8 pm, Eastlake Library

Description: With the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France this year, the Cleveland Museum of Art will lead us on a virtual adventure of their collection of French Art.  Experience the unique French culture through the years from home or join us in the library.

Great Courses

The Great Courses have a number of arts-related courses like How to Look at and Understand Art. These are available on both Kanopy and Hoopla!

Documentaries on Kanopy

Water Lilies of Monet: The Magic of Water and Light

Description: A journey through the masterpieces and obsessions of the Genius of the Impressionism. With the invaluable contribution of Ross King, author of the best seller Mad Enchantment.

Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and the Tangerine: A Modern Artist and Feminist Icon

Description: A journey inside the world of a legend of modern art and an icon of feminism. Onscreen, the nonagenarian Louise Bourgeois is magnetic, mercurial and emotionally raw. An uncompromising artist whose life and work are imbued with her ongoing obsession with the mysteries of childhood. Her process is on full display in this intimate documentary, which features the artist in her studio and with her installations, shedding light on her intentions and inspirations.

Filmed with unparalleled access between 1993 and 2007, LOUISE BOURGEOIS: THE SPIDER, THE MISTRESS AND THE TANGERINE is a comprehensive and dramatic documentary of creativity and revelation.

Exhibition on Screen: The Impressionists

Description: An eagerly anticipated exhibition travelling from the Musee d’Orsay Paris to the National Gallery London and onto the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the focus of the most comprehensive film ever made about the Impressionists.

The exhibition brings together Impressionist art accumulated by Paul Durand-Ruel, the 19th century Parisian art collector. Degas, Manet Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Sisley, are among the artists that he helped to establish through his galleries in London, New York and Paris.


Description: Known best for his vivid portrayals of the famous Moulin Rouge nightclub, 19th-century French painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec had a difficult life: He was crippled by a genetic disease and died at 36 after years of alcoholism and syphilis had racked his body. This gripping program looks at Toulouse-Lautrec’s life and art, and leading authorities, art historians and scholars offer analysis and commentary that provide an inside look at the artist.

Movies on Kanopy

Cezanne et moi

Description: This film traces the parallel paths of the careers and friendship of painter Paul Cezanne and novelist Emile Zola. Soon Emile had it all. Meanwhile, Cezanne rejected the Parisian scene and was ignored by his peers.

Camille Claudel 1915

Description: Winter, 1915. Confined by her family to an asylum in the South of France – where she will never sculpt again – the chronicle of Camille Claudel’s reclusive life, as she waits for a visit from her brother, Paul Claudel.

Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti: Gauguin – Voyage de Tahiti

Description: Painter Paul Gauguin (Vincent Cassel) is already well-known in Parisian artistic circles, but is tired of the so-called civilized world and its political, moral and artistic conventions. Leaving his wife and children behind, he ventures alone to the other end of the world, Tahiti, consumed with a yearning for original purity, and ready to sacrifice everything for his quest.

Impoverished and solitary, Gauguin pushes deep into the Tahitian jungle, where he meets the Maoris and Tehura, his muse, who will inspire his most iconic works of art.


Description: Paris, 1880. Sculptor Auguste Rodin finally receives his first state commission, “The Gates of Hell,” which will include “The Kiss” and “The Thinker,” two of his most famous creations.

Constantly working, he shares his life with his lifelong partner, Rose and his mistress, the young Camille Claudel, the gifted student who becomes his assistant and a talented sculptor in her own right during a decade of passion, mutual admiration and creative collaboration. Following their painful break up, Rodin continues to work relentlessly while facing both the rejection and enthusiasm provoked by the sensuality and originality of his sculptures.

Nominated for the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival.

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