Anime Update, Vol. 6

Greetings, fellow otaku!

Our Tween & Teen Anime Awesomeness group started off this month by watching Samurai Pizza Cats. It was… an experience. There were samurai cats and there was pizza. The anime was entertaining, but even for the teens that love more fast-paced shows, it was largely nearly nonsensical. Apparently, when the anime was dubbed into English, the producers pretty much made an original script that had little similarity to the more serious original Japanese version. We were laughing because if you looked away for 3-5 seconds and then looked back, it would be easy for you to miss something seemingly crucial to what in the world was going on. It is unavailable in any form in Clevnet.

Our second session of the month featured Chi’s New Address, which is a slice-of-life anime about the adventures of the adorable kitten Chi after she is adopted by a family living in a housing complex (and must keep her presence quiet!). It’s the sequel series to Chi’s Sweet Home, but it’s not a complicated premise, so it’s easy to catch on to what’s going on. It’s another show where each episode is only a few minutes long, including the intro and outro sequences. Everyone seemed to enjoy it! It’s one of my favorites, so I was glad I could share it. The manga is also good and one of my go-to recommendations for new manga readers.

Chi’s Sweet Home anime

Chi’s Sweet Home Complete manga volume 1

Chi’s New Address anime

On a personal note, I (and many others) am saddened by the recent passing of the truly legendary anime and manga creator Akira Toriyama. I would like to point out that many of our libraries have manga, anime, and a variety of video games inspired by Toriyama’s works. Some of his franchises include Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, Sand Land, and Chrono Trigger. I was ridiculously thrilled that we were able to get all of the Dragon Ball Z seasons on Blu-Ray, and we even got a copy of the entire series of Dragon Ball GT (yeah, I know, we won’t go into how it isn’t canon and that for many people it’s downright painful to watch). His works have been a major influence on the lives of so many people, my own included, and he will be missed.

Dragon Ball Z season one on Blu-Ray

Dragon Ball Z season one on DVD

Until the next episode,

Miss Bryn

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