Anime Update, Vol. 5

Greetings, fellow otaku!

In February, the Teen & Tween Anime Awesomeness group watched the shows Poyopoyo and Usagi Drop (also known as Bunny Drop).

Poyopoyo is, sadly, unavailable in any form in Clevnet. It was a cute and random anime, each episode only lasting 2-3 minutes total (including the opening and closing sequences). There are numerous anime shows that revolve around animals and their owners, but we enjoyed the wacky randomness of each episode. A very slice of life show, it follows a family after they adopt Poyo- an orange and very round cat. Worth a watch if you ever come across it!

As for Usagi/Bunny Drop, the manga is all that is available in Clevnet. This show focuses more on family dynamics and growth, unfolding as 30-year-old Daikichi encounters Rei, the 6-year-old illegitimate daughter of his recently deceased grandfather, and becomes her guardian. I know that premise has a lot to unpack. However, it was well executed and very nicely animated. There’s a lot to explore in the definitions of family and the ways lives change when different challenges arise. The teens felt it was pretty “middle of the road”- not extraordinary but certainly not bad. (The one teen said, “It was definitely better than Speed Racer!” which made us laugh). The manga, of course, is the source material for the anime- so you can expect that you’ll get a similar experience reading it. Overall gave some feel-good vibes and some chuckles.

Bunny Drop manga volume 1

As always, keep in mind that there is a variety of different anime (and manga) available at each of our four libraries! The teen librarians are always happy to take recommendations for our collections as well, so feel free to tell us what you think we need more of!

In addition to the titles in our library buildings, there is also this awesome collection of Manga on Hoopla! These digital titles are all available immediately!

Until the next episode,

Miss Bryn, Teen Librarian, Willowick

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