Anime Update, Vol. 4

Hello, fellow otaku!

We kicked off the first session of 2024’s Teen & Tween Anime Awesomeness with Net Ghost PiPoPa! It is, unfortunately, unavailable in any form in Clevnet, which is a bit of a shame because it was honestly pretty entertaining. One of our teens said that it was one of the weirdest anime he has seen! The plot follows Yuta, who has an aversion to technology and computers, as he gets sucked into the Web World and befriends the net ghosts Pit, Pot, and Pat (nicknamed PiPoPa) as he tries to return home. The premise of the digital world being a place of its own separate from the “real” world is one commonly explored in other media, but this was a more unique take, because it’s rare that a teen is portrayed as being anti-technology. We are grateful to Crunchyroll for letting us share such a variety of shows with our group through their outreach program!

The second session of our group saw the first two episodes of Prince of Stride: Alternative. This show is available in our catalog on DVD and Blu-Ray, which is nice because it was one that we found intriguing from the start! Another sports anime, this show revolves around a group of individuals who come together to recreate the previously disbanded Stride Club at their school. Stride is a fictional sport that, essentially, is a relay-style race through towns that not only utilizes speed but parkour skills as well. It was fast-paced and comedic, but some of us with short attention spans (mostly me, but I wasn’t alone) got a little confused as to who was who and who was doing what and why. However, that aside, it’s very well-animated (which is to be expected; it first aired in 2016) and the opening and closing themes were catchy. We agreed we would watch more of this one. There was a lot of emphasis on team building, trust, and friendship (along with friendly competition). Overall, a great watch with positive themes that we enjoyed.



Our next sessions in February are the 7th and the 21st! We hope to see you there!

Until the next episode,

Miss Bryn

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