Who WE Are: Sarah Silbaugh 

These blog posts give our community a chance to better know their friendly Willoughby-Eastlake Library employees. Meet Sarah Silbaugh, Children’s Librarian at Willowick Library. 

Also pictured: Luke Exoo  

Why do you love libraries? What is your earliest library memory?   

I love libraries for all the reasons! Libraries are not what people typically think they are, or at least the children’s department isn’t. We are loud, we have fun, we jump and sing, make messes, and almost never SHUSH anyone. Though, I have had kids “SHUSH” me.  

My earliest library memory is of my elementary school library and the AR tests we had to take every week. I remember competing with a couple of other kids because the student that read the most would get FREE PERSONAL PAN PIZZAS at Pizza Hut. And I love pizza.  

What do you like to do in your free time?  

I love walking my dog in my free time, of course listening to audiobooks downloaded from Libby and Hoopla. I also have become a huge puzzle nerd and will absolutely be checking out puzzles from our collection because who has the space to store a puzzle they’ve already completed? 

This is my gremlin, his name is Tegan.  

These two make working on puzzles difficult.

What is your favorite quote, passage, or piece of advice, and where did you read or receive it?  

“Have fun!” – My Dad …every time I left the house growing up.  

What is a library “hidden treasure” that you want patrons to know about or know more about?  

Our spaces! The assumption that libraries are quiet places for quiet people to study is correct for some of our areas, but we are also a great place to hang out, particularly the children’s areas! I absolutely love seeing parents and caregivers bring their kids to play together and spend time in the library. I also love that this gives me the opportunity to get to know the families better and break out the bubbles.  

Photo Credits for this picture go to Kate Exoo (age 4).

What are you currently reading?  

As a member of booktok I recently read Fourth Wing, and Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros. And with the newest Sarah J Maas book coming out I intend to reread ACOTAR and CC. I also like to pepper in some non-fiction like How to be Perfect by Michael Schur.  

Place Hold on Fourth Wing: https://bit.ly/3v27Wct

Place Hold on Iron Flame: https://bit.ly/3NtCBpa

Place Hold on How to be Perfect: https://bit.ly/46WgUF7

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