Children’s Book Reviews: Holiday Titles

For this edition of Book Reviews from our Children’s Staff, we will focus on holiday titles! Read all Children’s Book Reviews here:

Miss Sam, Eastlake 

I’m Going to Build a Snowman by Jashar Awan ★★★★★ 

It snowed, and a young boy is excited to go outside to build “the best snowman ever.” First, he imagines all of the steps to making a perfect snowman, then he sets out to make it happen. However, it doesn’t turn out quite like the one in his imagination. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect snowman - his perfect snowman. This simple story is terrific for toddlers & preschoolers and teaches the important lesson that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that sometimes the imperfect is the most perfect of all. 

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Miss Rachael, Willowick 

Dino-Hanukkah by Lisa Wheeler ★★★★★ 

All our favorite dinosaur friends are back to show how they all prepare for the holiday of Hanukkah.  The preparations begin early as the dinos clean up the house for all of their guests.  The night before, Chef T Rex slices and chops and mixes spices.  They realize they need to find the menorah from last December.  It is placed on the windowsill and each Dino anxiously awaits their turn to light a candle.

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Miss Jennifer and Miss Khin, Eastlake 

How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney? by Mac Barnett ★★★★★

In this super cute book by Mac Barnett, we ponder just how Santa makes it down all those chimneys. Does he get all dirty from all the soot? Why don’t dogs bark at him? Do the reindeer help? This book definitely will bring on the giggles. I really love the illustration style by Jon Klassen and I think the whole family will enjoy this one.  

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Miss Jennifer, Eastlake

The Christmassy Cactus by Beth Ferry ★★★★ 

This story is about a tiny cactus who lived with a little girl who just adored her. Then one day, the little girl told the cactus it was time to decorate for Christmas. They filled the house with sparkling and shimmering decorations and the cactus wanted so badly to be decorated like the rest of the house so she made a wish like she’d read in all the Christmas books on the big brown shelf where she lived. Christmas Day came and her wish still hadn’t come true. In the end, she made her own wish come true. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s an adorable book to kick off the Christmas season. 

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