Anime Update, Vol. 3

Willowick Teen Librarian Bryn is back with her next Anime Update, where she shares the various Anime aired at her awesome Tween & Teen Anime Awesomeness program! The next session is Wed., Jan. 10, 3:30 at Willowick Library. Register:

Hello, fellow otaku!

At the most recent sessions of Tween & Teen Anime Awesomeness, we got to see Laid-Back Camp and Emma: A Victorian Romance.

The anime of Laid-Back Camp isn’t available in Clevnet, but the manga is! Some of our teens had read the manga and said that it was one they enjoyed. The premise is that a group of classmates start (and participate) in an outdoors club. The show features some fun and quirky characters as well as including bits of actually useful information. (Did you know a dry pinecone can be used as kindling to start a fire? I didn’t! I made the teens promise not to test their fire making skills in the library.) Overall, it was a nice slice of life anime that, indeed, felt very laid back and cozy.

Place hold on Laid-Back Camp manga Vol. 1:

Emma: A Victorian Romance was not a huge hit… As one of our teens described it: “Romance? More like slowmance.” Taking place in Victorian London, this anime is a slow burn drama in which a maid falls in love with a young man from a higher class, but the young man’s family disapproves of his association with those of a lower stature. It is a beautiful anime in terms of the scenery and detail, but the anime was, indeed, paced a little on the slow side. In the age of instant gratification, something that takes time to build momentum and lacks action/adventure tends not to be a huge hit. However, we did comment on the historically accurate costumes (thank goodness they weren’t scandalous enough to show an ankle) and enjoyed the interesting gadgets the young man acquired (a self-serving teapot?! Sign us up!).

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Until the next episode,

Miss Bryn

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