Gaming Update, Vol. 2

Greetings, Gamers!

Our libraries recently received Tin Hearts for the PlayStation 4 (rated E 10+) and Super Mario RPG (rated E) and Hogwarts Legacy (rated T) for the Switch!

Tin Hearts was not at all on my radar. (I love that the library has such a wide variety of games- I’m able to find out about a lot of releases that I might not necessarily come across otherwise.) Tin Hearts is a puzzle-platformer that has a narrative aspect marching things along (pun intended, as you help maneuver toy soldiers). It seems like an interesting idea- worth checking out!

Tin Hearts on the PS4:

Super Mario RPG was highly anticipated in my house. I never played the original, but I watched a YouTuber play it a while back. The graphics are beautifully updated, the music is a bunch of catchy modern remixes (you can switch back to the original music if the remixes aren’t your thing), and the story is as good as ever. My favorite part is watching Bowser dance when someone levels up. Cracks me up, especially because I’m 87% sure I have similar moves, myself.

Super Mario RPG on the Switch:

After a long wait, Hogwarts Legacy (finally) came out for the Switch. I would be interested to see how it compares to its competitors’ systems in terms of frame rate/graphics/details. I liked the idea of running around Hogwarts (that was one of my favorite daydreams when I should have been paying attention in math class) but I’ve gotten the impression that it’s rather easy to get lost wandering the halls… I guess I will be finding out soon enough! I also had a colleague attempt to play it and they said that, in their opinion, the intro sequence was long and tedious. Overall, the game itself has gotten positive reviews, which means I will be checking it out to give it a whirl.

Hogwarts Legacy on the Switch:

Just as a reminder for those of you interested in checking out our new games- you must have a Willoughby-Eastlake Library card and have had it for at least 30 days. The new games are 14 day loans and are NOT renewable. Also, with our new games you can only have 2 at a time checked out on your card. Our not as new games (which are holdable and renewable) you can have more of- as long as you’re not over your 50 item limit!

A note for our teens: The next (and final, for now) session of Teen Gaming Club will be 2-4pm on Saturday, Dec. 9th at the Willowick Branch. The Willoughby Branch has a Teen Game Night 6-8pm on Wednesday, Dec. 27th. Join us for some gaming goodness!

Register for Teen Gaming Club on Dec. 9:

Register for Teen Game Night on Dec. 27:

Until the next level,

Miss Bryn (Willowick Teen Librarian)

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