Children’s Book Reviews, Vol. 2

Our Children’s staff keep current on all the new children’s book releases. And, to help each other out, they write short reviews of new titles to share with each other. Now, we want to share them with you! All of these titles are staff approved and available in the Clevnet catalog. Happy Reading! Read past reviews here:

Miss Cara, Willoughby

Midnight Babies by Isabel Greenberg ★★★★★

This bedtime tale will be all too familiar to parents of night owls! As the clock strikes midnight, one baby is not asleep. They join other babies who are also not asleep and are dubbed the Midnight Babies. The babies set off on an adventure to avoid the dreaded task of falling asleep, using loud instruments to keep themselves awake. To make it through, they must face obstacles such as The Garden of Lullabies and The Army of Teddies. Several babies meet their downfall and succumb to sleep. Eventually all the babies drift off down Rockabye River and we’re back to the original baby, who is confused when they wake up well-rested. Illustrations pair perfectly with the text to show how far a baby will go to avoid going to sleep at night.

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Miss Melissa, Willoughby

My Name by Supriya Kelkar ★★★★

A thoughtful picture book that follows an Indian-American boy as he starts school and no one can pronounce his name. The book is an engaging read that re-affirms all of the different names we have and how they connect us with our families and communities.

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Miss Sam, Eastlake Library

Water Day by Margarita Engle ★★★★★

If you have an Elementary+ group, and you want to take on a topic for conversation, this book is terrific. It’s based on the author’s own experiences with her family’s lack of water in Cuba. The whole town waits until Water Day, when the water man comes to deliver water to the residents. Getting water is a celebratory event, but also highlights the difficulties of what climate change has done to some communities. A great story for an Earth Day storytime, or themes like family, community helpers, etc.

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Miss Danielle, Willoughby Hills

Puddle Song by Laura Purdie Salas ★★★

This is board book lets us get into the perspective of a puddle that welcomes children to jump, play, splash and dance. Classic illustration and easy-to-follow text makes this a good read for anyone who loves the rain.

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Miss Rachael, Willowick

Hello, Puddle! by Anita Sanchez ★★★★

Bright illustrations describe the way the pond changes throughout all the seasons. The pond provides a place for animals such as deer and squirrels to get a drink of water and to bathe when it is hot outside. The pond also sees the changing of the leaves when Fall approaches. It is time to say goodbye to the puddle when the Winter comes, but it will be back in the Spring.

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Miss Diane, Willowick

The Truth about Max by Alice and Martin Provensen ★★★★

This previously unpublished story from the Caldecott award-winning team is a delightful look at the family cat, Max. Max was the only one in his litter, and was always getting into mischief. He teased the other animals and is a ferocious hunter. At night, he goes off to lead his own secret life. The lively ink and watercolor illustrations show the authors’ fondness for their cat. A sweet afterward by the Provensen’s daughter describes their life at Maple Hill Farm and shares family photos. Lovely!

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Miss Khin, Eastlake

One, Two, Grandpa Loves You by Shelly Becker ★★★★

A cute picture book that demonstrates the love between a grandpa and his grandkid. In the story, the two of them go hiking, spend the night in the forest, and go on adventures together. The illustrations make their camping trip seem even more fun!

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