Children’s Book Reviews, Vol. 1

Our Children’s staff keep current on all the new children’s book releases. And, to help each other out, they write short reviews of new titles to share with each other. Now, we want to share them with you! All of these titles are staff approved and available in the Clevnet catalog. Happy Reading!

Miss Cara, Willoughby

Mr. S by Monica Arnaldo ★★★★★

This book finds a class of Kindergarteners without a teacher on the first day of class. Mysteriously, there is only a sandwich on the front desk, with the name “Mr. S” on the board. The children wonder if the sandwich is their teacher. Follow them through their day as they decide to go through their normal school activities with a sandwich for the teacher. It’s a hilarious book as you see a scene of a teacher outside the classroom window dealing with a tree falling on their car, among other things. The pictures are delightful and will keep kids and grownups laughing for a long while!

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Miss Melissa, Willoughby

Molly’s Tuxedo by Vicki Johnson ★★★★★

Molly is a kindergartner with picture day coming up, and she sets out to find an outfit that feels right. She discovers her brother’s old tuxedo and it’s a match. Molly’s mom tries to discourage her and wants her to wear a dress – but Molly finds a way to wear what she feels most comfortable in for her. This is a fun and thoughtful read.

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Miss Sam, Eastlake Library

What Color is My Patka? by Deepika Kaur Pujji ★★★★★

A rhyming picture book about the patka colors a Sikh boy wears depending on what he’s doing, including pretending to be a pilot, firefighter, soccer player, etc. This story would fit well with themes like “Things people wear on their heads,” colors, imagination & pretend play, etc. This book also has facts about Sikhism in the back.

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Miss Danielle, Willoughby Hills

Becoming Charley by Kelly Dipucchio ★★★

This picture book tells the story of Charley the caterpillar who longs for more than just eating milkweed and learning the rules. He dreams of the mountains and the moon. When he finally emerges from his cocoon, he looks different from the other butterflies and can be himself. A dreamy book with great pictures and easy text!

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Miss Rachael, Willowick

Hooked on Books by Margaret Chiu ★★★★

Pearl is a fish who loves to read, but she cannot find a quiet place to do it. Her ocean friends want her to play, but she just wants to read. Finally, she finds a cozy cove to read where it is nice and quiet. After she finishes reading her book, she realizes where she lives might not always be a good place to read, but it is full of great friends to play with.

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Miss Diane, Willowick

Vlad the Fabulous Vampire by Flavia Z. Drago ★★★

Vlad has a secret: his cheeks are a bright rosy pink! This is very odd for a vampire, and Vlad tries to hide his pink cheeks under the collar of his cloak. Vlad begins designing his own clothes and discovers that his friend has her own secret: wild pink hair! They visit a bright, colorful town full of spooky creatures, and Vlad and Shelley finally realize that they should just be themselves. Although the message of accepting everyone’s differences is somewhat heavy-handed, the colorful cartoon illustrations are adorable.

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Miss Khin, Eastlake

Peas in a Pod by Rachel Noble ★★★★★

This is a story about a little girl named Sophie who loves doing everything with her dad, like two peas in a pod. They both miss Mom but manage to have fun together. Then, one day, Sophie’s dad meets Sarah and her dog Billy, and the two of them move into Sophie’s home. Sophie gets cranky about this at first, but she eventually learns to accept Sarah and Billy – and they become four peas in a pod. This is a good story for kids from a single parent home who are learning to adjust to a new situation. The illustrations are nice.

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