2020 Book Discussion Reads

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2020 Book Discussion Reads

by Amanda Schoen

Happy Fall everyone. I know this is not the season many of us hoped for when we imagined this year. So many of us have missed fall activities such as hayrides, corn mazes, trick or treating, and spending time with our friends. I know I’ve missed gathering and discussing books around a table with those closest to me. But with the advent of so many people adapting to new technologies such as Zoom, the book discussion can take place online. Our friends are closer even though many of us are doing our best to social distance. Therefore, discussing good books is still possible in a pandemic. Here are some of the best titles for book groups that came out in 2020. I hope everyone out there enjoys reading them as much as I have.

Broken People by Sam Lansky

A book that truly speaks to people is one where everyone can relate to the protagonist. Sam Lansky creates this protagonist in his novel, Broken People.  Lansky also poses the question in the book, what if there was a way we could solve all our problems in a weekend? How would this change our human experience? Broken People follows a man who suffers with a plethora of issues including drug and alcohol abuse, loneliness, depression, being different in a world full of hate, and just being human. Anyone would jump at an opportunity to find happiness in just a weekend. Many readers will relate to the protagonist in a way that will help the reader learn more about themselves and their own suffering in this journey called life.

Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman

A hallmark of a good series is a book that can be read alone, without requiring a reader to intimately know the series. Alice Hoffman creates this book with Magic Lessons. Hoffman examines the origins of the Owens family by returning to the 17th century to examine the story of its founder, Maria Owens. Maria is a witch who tragically falls in love with the wrong person which leads her to Salem, Massachusetts near the start of the witch trials. Magic Lessons follows the story of a strong woman in a century and place where woman were oppressed. I’d highly recommend the title for feminist readers, lovers of historical fiction, those who enjoy “witchy stories”, or those who are fans of the series.

Monogamy by Sue Miller

Not every couple is as perfect as they seem from an outsider looking in. Monogamy looks at the lives of Graham and Annie, that “it” couple. They are completely in love and have been for years. Graham also has that magnetic personality which makes him the life of any party. This leads to many complications in their marriage. Monogamy covers the trials and tribulations of any marriage that an outsider may not see. It illustrates that true love is full of imperfections and finding ways to find peace in our partner’s flaws. Anyone in a long-term relationship can relate to the journey of Graham and Annie.

All three of these titles are available at our branches. Please give a call to one of the branches to place a hold. Happy reading and discussion!

Amanda Schoen is the Collection Services Librarian at the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library
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