Need after hours pickup?

Prefer to pick up your hold items without coming inside a building? 

Use WEPL lockers located at each of our buildings! 

locker station

If you would like to pick up your holds from our lockers, select the locker location when you place a hold in the online catalog or CLEVNET app.  Or contact the building whose lockers you want to use, and they can modify your hold requests for locker pickup. 


What’s next?  

  • You will receive a catalog notification that your hold has arrived. Wait to receive an email from Package Concierge letting you know that items are waiting for you in a locker.  This email will contain an alphanumeric code and a barcode. 
  • Once you arrive at the locker you have designated as your pick-up location scan the barcode using the camera, or type in the alphanumeric code using the touch screen. 
  • The locker containing your items will swing open. 
  • Take your items and close the locker door. 

removing book from lockerscan at locker














  • Can I give a phone number to receive text alerts instead of emails?  Yes, but you will need to speak to a circulation clerk (by phone or in person) so we can note your preference in your record.  
  • Who do I contact if I am having a problem retrieving my items?  If you are having trouble retrieving your items, you can call/visit the building whose lockers you requested as pick up location. The circulation department can assist you. If you are attempting to retrieve your items after library hours, please contact us when we reopen.  
  • How long will my items remain in the locker for pickup?  You will have 4 days after notification from Package Concierge (with the code) to pick up your items. If you will not be able to pick up within 4 days, call the building circulation department for a possible extension.