Willowick and Willoughby Renovations Report, Issue 2

The planned renovations at the Willowick and Willoughby Public Libraries continue to gain momentum.  We are pleased to report that both the City of Willoughby and the City of Willowick have approved the plans for the architectural and interior designs at both Libraries.

At its upcoming meeting on November 21, 2016, the Library’s Board will be considering a recommendation to make an award for a general contractor to oversee the renovations.  With the expectation that construction will start at both Libraries in December, significant work has commenced in both buildings to get ready for the renovations.

At the Willoughby Library, we have relocated the public computers to the Penfield Room on the lower level and have boxed and stored our non-fiction collection for the duration of the project.  The Children’s Department will remain open on the second floor while work commences in the front of the building where the non-fiction collection was previously housed.  Library staff can help patrons access the parts of the Library that are open for service and can help procure any books or materials that are temporarily in storage.

At the Willowick Library, construction work will start on the lower level which does not currently house any Library collections or departments.  As the work continues, Library staff will begin the process of boxing and storing materials on the main level in order to accommodate the construction as it moves upstairs, likely in early 2017.

As dust starts to fly, we want to thank our patrons and communities for their support of both Libraries as we continue to provide service throughout the renovation process.  Our contractor and staff will be extra-careful to ensure that we are able to provide a safe and accessible Library as the construction commences.  Special thanks goes to the staffs and leadership of both the Willowick and Willoughby Libraries for their hard work in getting ready for the renovations and for continuing to provide excellent customer service throughout the project. 

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