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Office 2013 Resource Guide

We will be upgrading the Office Suite on the library’s computers from Office 2007 to Office 2013. This guide was prepared to help you make the transition from 2007 to 2013 as smooth as possible. For the most part, the updates in 2013 are mainly aesthetic. Microsoft has changed the way things look but the functions are still the same.

Office 2013 Tutorials

What’s New is Office 2013 – Gale Courses (6 week online tutorial)
What’s New if Office 2013: An Official Manual (PDF)
Office 2013: Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Word 2013

What’s New in Word 2013
Word 2013 Tutorial (
Basic Tasks in Word 2013
Switching to Word 2013(video)
Word 2013 for Beginners Handout (PDF)
Word 2013 Quick Start Guide
Word 2013: Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Excel 2013

What’s New in Excel 2013
Excel 2013 Tutorial
Basic Tasks in Excel 2013
Switching to Excel 2013 (video)
Excel 2013 For Beginners Handout (PDF)
Excel 2013 Quick Start Guide
Excel 2013: Quick Reference Card (PDF)

PowerPoint 2013

What’s New in PowerPoint 2013
Basic Tasks for Creating a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation
Switching to PowerPoint 2013 (video)
PowerPoint 2013 Quick Start Guide (PDF)
PowerPoint2013: Quick Reference Card (PDF)
PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial (

Publisher 2013

What’s New in Publisher 2013
Basic Tasks in Publisher 2013
Switching to Publisher 2013 (video)
Publisher 2013 Quick Start Guide (PDF)