News-Herald Digitization Update

c506007_mWe are currently in phase 3 of a 4 year project to digitize the historic run of the News-Herald.

Access Corp has digitized 604 rolls of film at this point. They are currently digitizing the News-Herald microfilm from 9/14/1986 – 12/31/1994. This microfilm is unavailable at this time. It will remain unavailable until the digitization work is done. A PDF of each reel will be available at the completion of phase 3. Any microfilm that has been digitized is now permanently stored at the Willowick Library and cannot be accessed due to preservation purposes.

Below is the current status of WEPL’s microfilm collection:

  • 4/18/1879 – 9/13/1986: Digitized and available on any public access computer within the four W-E Library locations. The film is permanently stored in the Willowick Basement in archival cabinets.
  • 9/14/1986 – 12/31/1994: Temporarily unavailable as Access Corp digitizes the film
  • 1/1/1995 – 3/31/2006: Available as microfilm at the Willoughby Library. Will be digitized in 2019 to complete phase 4 of the digitization project.
  • 4/1/2006 – Present: Available digitally on all public access computers within the four W-E Library locations.

Years 1879 – 1922 are available online at the Internet Archive and can be accessed remotely by clicking the following link:

We have uploaded anything in the public domain for access outside the library.  Anything published after 1922 has copyright restrictions.

If you have additional questions concerning this project, please contact