How do I request a meeting room?

Please call the library’s location that you are interested in using. There is no fee for non-profit groups, though an application is required. The library in the Willoughby Hills Community Center has different requirements. Click here to review the Community Center’s policy.

How do I reserve a computer?

You will need to use your library card to sign in to the computers. If you do not have a library card, you will need a guest pass. Please ask a librarian. Please return the guest pass to the desk.

How do I print from the public computers?

Printing costs $.10 per B&W copy, and $.25 per page for color. When you go to print, you will be prompted to enter your library card number. Pay the vending device next to the print station. It accepts silver colored coins (no pennies, please) and dollar and five dollar bills. Read the instructions posted near the printing station. Ask a librarian if you need help.

How do I send a fax?

Faxing can be done at the reference desk. Fax service is done during business hours, up until one half-hour before closing. Faxing is available free of charge.

Do you have a scanner for public use?

Yes, we do. Ask a librarian for help. There is no charge for scanning.

How do I connect to your wireless Internet?

On your device, find your wireless connections usually in your settings. Click or tap on the library’s name under Networks and connect. If you have trouble connecting, please see a librarian.


Meeting Room Application