GoCHip Beams

The Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library is now offering GoChip Beams. The Beam is a hotspot for watching high quality TV and movies on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, even without the internet. Each hotspot is pre-loaded with 5 different movies or an entire season of a TV show. Up to 8 users can simultaneously access the GoChip Beam at the same time. The hotspot contains a rechargeable battery that lasts 5.5 hours. You can check out a GoChip with your library card. To get started you will need to download the GoChip app, setup a GoChip account, and connect to the hotspot in your device’s Wi-Fi settings. GoChips are great for family road trips and vacations to keep everyone entertained in the car or in the airplane. Don’t have a Netflix account? You can still enjoy high quality streaming by checking out a GoChip from the library.