With a Chromebook Bundle, you have the internet at your fingertips!

Chromebook Bundle

We have bundled a Wi-Fi hotspot and Chromebook together for you to check out as a Bundle. 
Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library Chromebook Bundles can be used for:

Internet browsing
Writing and checking email
Creating and editing documents using Google Drive
Reading eBooks/listening to eAudiobooks from OverDrive
Watching films with streaming services like hoopla, kanopy and All Access Video

Security: You log in with your personal Gmail account and create/use your documents in your Google Drive cloud. As soon as you log out or shut down the computer it will erase everything about you from the system. Any changes you made are saved on the Google servers though, so if you log back in with your Gmail account, it will revert back to your options.

You can change layouts, settings, and accessibility options. Nothing you change or add will be seen by anyone else who uses the Chromebook; it will all be deleted once you log out or shut down. Everything you change or add will be saved in the cloud with your Google account. The next time you use a Chromebook your previous settings will be available. You can download apps like Libby, Hoopla and Kanopy to use our library digital collection with your library card.

If you download a PDF, Word document, image, video, or audio file, they will go to the “Files” folder on the computer (you can’t save anything to the desktop). You can open or play most file formats from the Files folder, but anything left there when you log off or shut down will be deleted, so make sure you move anything you downloaded to a flash drive, external drive, SD card, or into the cloud drive.

  • Devices are for use by current WEPL cardholders in good standing. Cardholder must be at least eighteen years old and have had a valid WEPL card for thirty days.
  • Borrower must sign an Electronic Device Agreement and provide a photo ID to verify age.
  • Chromebook Bundles are loaned for fourteen days. No renewals are permitted.
  • Chromebook Bundles carry a $5.00 charge for each day they are returned late. Devices will be shut off if they are three or more days overdue.