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Library Cards
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Library Cards

There is no charge to get a library card, if you are a resident of Ohio. In order to get a library card, a current state of Ohio issued picture ID such as a driver’s license, with the patron’s current address on it, is preferred. If a patron does not have a current state of Ohio issued picture ID, two current forms of proof of identity are required. This can be a school or work ID, bank statement, utility bill, lease or other identification judged acceptable by the Head of Circulation, Manager, Assistant Manager or person in charge. Proof of current address must be presented. If a utility bill, bank statement, or something similar is used as proof of identity, it must be no older than 4 months.

A signature of a parent or guardian is required for children under 18. The parent or guardian is responsible for the appropriateness of materials used by the child, including electronic information, and for payment of charges incurred with the card. The parent/guardian will receive a letter advising him/her of these responsibilities when the application for a child’s library card is made.

Out of state and/or temporary residents must have a local address in the Willoughby-Eastlake or surrounding communities in order to obtain a library card. They must also present a form of identification showing their current permanent address.

Local residents who use a post office box number must present two (2) forms of identification: one showing their post office box number and another showing their current home address.

In order to maintain current information on cardholders, library cards expire after two (2) years and information in the patron database needs to be updated at this time. Cleveland Public Library purges the patron database of borrower records that have not had activity in three (3) years. This is done on an annual basis.

Listed below are general policies regarding the use of library cards:

  • A library card is required to check out materials. Customers without a card in hand can either complete the library lookup form or present a driver’s license to the circulation staff.
  • Cardholders are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card. They should report lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • Library card replacement fee is $1.00.
  • Cardholders should inform the Library of changes in address, e-mail address or phone number as soon as possible.


The Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library also provides eCards for Ohio residents over the age of 18 that allows access to all emedia resources and databases only. Users must provide a valid name, address, email, and phone number and must not have a current CLEVNET card.

Loan Periods

Item Type Loan Period
Books, Music, Audiobooks 21 days
Fast Favorites 14 days
Video Games 14 days
Tablets 14 days
Magazines 7 days
Hotspots 5 days
Launchpads 7 days
DVDs and Blu-rays 7 days
DVD Sets 21 days

Sign up for NetNotice to receive e-mail reminders when it’s time to return or renew items you borrowed. You can also set up your account to receive your account information each week. You can also receive phone messages or texts.

Materials may be renewed in the library, by telephone or via the library catalog. Materials may be renewed if no one else is waiting for them. To renew items via the library catalog and to receive email account notification, customer’s may access NetNotice. Fast Favorites and video games cannot be renewed.

Fines and Overdue Notices

Fines are charged for each day the library is open. Fines are $.10 per day ($3.00 maximum) for books, magazines, CDs and audiobooks. Fines for DVDs, blu-rays, and video games are $1.00 per day ($3.00 maximum). Fines for Launchpads are $1.00 per day ($15.00 maximum). Fines for hotspots are $2.50 per day ($15.00 maximum). Fines for tablets are $5.00 per day ($20.00 maximum). There are no fines for children’s books and magazines. You will receive a bill for replacement costs when items are 28 days overdue. When overdue items are returned you are only liable for late charges. Specialty items such as juvenile kits have additional fines.**Be aware that these fines only apply to WEPL materials and not all Clevnet libraries follow these guidelines.**

Book and AV Drops

Each library has outdoor book and audiovisual drops that are open 24 hours per day. The Willoughby Hills Library has lockers with outside access for picking up requested items.

Requesting Materials & Holds

Card holders may place requests on most material within the WEPL system. The only exclusions are:

  • Reference items
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Non-holdable DVDs
  • Fast Favorites
  • Video Games
  • tablets, hotspots, & Launchpads

Material not available through the WEPL or CLEVNET system may be requested through our Interlibrary Loan Service. The library card used to request materials must be presented when materials are picked up.

Launchpad, Tablet, and Hotspot Lending Restrictions

Only 1 Launchpad, tablet, and/or hotspot may be checked out to a cardholder. Tablets, Launchpads, and hotspots may not be circulated through interlibrary loan. These items must be returned to the library where the device was checked out. They cannot be returned to other Clevnet libraries. Electronic devices should be returned directly to the Circulation Desk. Dropping the device in the book drop will result in a fine. Some items may require an additional Borrower Agreement to be signed & completed at the time of checkout of the item.