To introduce Eastlake’s new 3-D printer to the public and with the generous support of the Willoughby Eastlake Public Library Boosters, the Eastlake Public Library will be holding a 3-D STEM Olympics for the public to participate in.  The deadline for interested participants to submit their STL 3-D designs to be built by the library staff, using our 3-D printer is 7/24/2020.  Entries must follow library guidelines (ex:no weapons) for 3-D printer services.  Designs should consist of an original type of simple 3-D design file, which can be completed within 5 hours by the library staff. The design file should be saved as a STL file and submitted with an entry form to the following email:

The first of twenty submissions will be guaranteed to be made by the staff between 7/24/2020 – 8/9/2020.  After which, the designs will be put on display both in the library and on the Willoughby Eastlake Public Library’s Facebook page for one week for the public to vote on them.  There will be an award for Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Awards will be announced on 8/17/2020.

3-D STEM entry form

3-D STEM rules